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Top 10 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

10 ways to Lose Weight

The Internet is loaded with weight loss strategies which are not always right. Weight loss can be overwhelming and it is nearly impossible to burn fat faster. Losing weight is not a luxury but also a necessity. High weight can lead to several health issues like heart attack, high blood sugar, blood pressure and sometimes cancer. But, losing weight should not be a stressful task. There are plenty of ways to lose weight in a week. Here are some practical and natural ways to lose belly fat.

1. Eat protein-rich diet

When it comes to losing belly fat in 3days, protein-rich diet is the best. Your body starts to burn extra calories when you eat high protein meal. A protein-rich diet boosts the metabolism naturally and you can easily shed 80-100 calories each day. A protein-rich diet is a perfect choice to shed extra kilos because it keeps you full for a long time and is also an healthy weight loss choice. Food like lean meats, fish, crabs, soya, beans, lentil, eggs, cheese, nuts seeds is high in natural protein. Stock up protein-rich food and include smart carbs like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, curd, and low-fat milk to burn the fat faster.

2. Say no to processed foods

Processed foods are loaded with harmful ingredients and are high in sugars, fatty items and calories. It reduces the body metabolism and is addictive in nature. It is better to avoid fast food, fires, aerated drinks and canned items. Lose weight naturally by consuming natural foods. Processed foods can make you irritable and can cause fatigue on a long run. Processed foods are too sweet or salty, both are not advice for weight loss. Here are some common processed food which  should be avoid

  • Pasta sauce
  • Packed fruit juice
  • Flavoured yogurt
  • Cane food
  • Sports drink.
  • Granola
  • Fruit syrup

3. Choose healthy snacks

The food which we chose has a great effect on weight loss, our eating behavior is very crucial, it should always be healthy and loaded with goodness. Include healthy snacks options like fruits, salads, unflavoured yogurt, boiled eggs, nuts, seeds etc. every day.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

According to the research, it is actually true that drinking water helps to lose weight in a week. It is a must-drink 8-10 glasses of water, it can burn up to 20-30% of calories. The best practice is to drink water before each meal, it controls the calorie intake. Water is the best weight loss drink, you can also prepare flavored water by infusing lemon, ginger, mint leaves. They are less on calories and great in taste.

5. Never Stay Hungry

Staying hungry won’t help you to lose weight, in fact, it will make your body weak and metabolism poor. Since hunger can make your body deprived and you cannot achieve your weight loss goal. Always eat a healthy breakfast and cut short fatty meals for dinner. Finish the dinner early and eat healthy variants.  The best advice is to control the portion, you can include 5-6 short meals throughout the day rather dumping your body with 2 or 3 meals.

6. Drink Coffee

Yes, you read it right, coffee is a healthy beverage that is high in natural antioxidants. Coffee can promote weight loss by boosting the metabolism level. It can burn up to 20-25 % calories. Additionally, coffee helps to reduce the case of type 2 diabetes. Make sure the coffee is unsweetened and without milk.

7. Cut down liquid calories

The main source of liquid calories are sugary drinks, hot drinks, packed fruit juices, milkshake, energy drinks etc. These drinks are not good for health and can affect the weight loss process too. It can lead to obesity, BP, type 2 diabetes.

8. Fast Intermittently

Intermittent Fasting is considered as the best and popular weight-loss trend. It helps to lose belly fats in 3 days. It additionally improves health and boosts the brain. Intermittent Fasting is a pattern that involves fasting and eating at a regular time period. There is no food restriction on what to eat and what not to eat. It is definitely not a diet but an eating pattern. Usually, Intermittent Fasting involves 15-16 hours of fasting twice a week.

9. Green Tea

Green Tea is the best beverage for weight loss, it is rich in natural antioxidants and promotes natural weight loss. It has catechins that increase metabolism and burn fat faster. Have a cup of green tea every morning, add 1 tablespoon of lemon and drink it. Then follow it with some exercise to burn fat, the lime juice helps to enhance the flavor of green tea and also boosts the immunity system. Green tea keeps you the active entire day. Take a cup of green tea before each meal, it will suppress the appetites and help to control portion naturally. Follow a healthy and yummy diet along with 4-5 cups of green tea every day.

10. Do Cardio

Cardio is the best exercise to lose weight, you can include a different form of cardio like brisk walking, fast jogging, cycling or running. It is the best way to burn fast faster, it also keeps your both physically and mentally healthy. In addition to it, regular cardio exercise help to reduce the chances of heart attack, blood pressure, and respiratory issues. Cardio exercise is also helpful in reducing the annoying belly fat. It keeps all the organs active and improves mood swings. Working out should never be treated as a huge chore, enjoy the exercise routine. Cardio exercise not only helps to shed extra kilograms but also boosts speed and endurance. Additionally, it promotes good sleep and keeps the cardiovascular system strong.

Bottom Line: You don’t need to stay hungry or work out crazily to lose weight. Choose your food wisely and prefer a healthy snacks option. Avoid indulging in oil and sugary food. Ban unhealthy and fatty foods from the kitchen counter, instead replace a bowl of fruits. Stock up fridge and pantry with legumes, unflavoured yogurt, buttermilk, low-fat milk, green tea. The fat from your body will disappear in no time.

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