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8 Amazing Health Benefit Of Garlic

When someone says Garlic we think of the sharp smelling dishes. Garlic has been used as a seasoning in making vegetables for amplifying the taste in cuisine all over the world. But not everybody is aware of the proven health benefits of Garlic. Let us learn more about Garlic.

Proven Health Benefits of Garlic

The amazing herb belongs to the onions, leeks and chives family. Garlic is used raw and cooked as a condiment in making dishes. Usually, the root part of the garlic, the bulb is used in the dishes. On the other hand, leaves of the garlic plant are milder than the root. Leaves of garlic mixed with other vegetables are also eaten.

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The amazing herb is not only used as a seasoning substance but it holds many medicinal properties as well. In fact, in ancient times it was mainly used as a medicine and not as an eating substance.

Garlic Properties

health benefits of garlic

Garlic is rich in many vitamins and minerals which make it a healthy choice for everyone. It contains a decent amount of fiber and lesser calories. So, it is ideal for foodies who are willing to lose weight. Garlic is rich in Manganese, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Selenium, Calcium, Copper, Potassium, Phosphorus, Iron and Vitamin B1. It is said that it is a complete food and it consists of necessary vitamins and minerals for the proper functioning of a human body.

Here are some health benefits of Garlic:

  • Treats common cold – It is believed that Garlic is essential in fighting the common cold. Its’ properties increase the immune system and you won’t fall ill frequently. Having two cloves of Garlic every day can save you from common cold and cough.

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  • Relieves in Hypertension – Due to changes in lifestyles, hypertension has become a silent killer. It is responsible for many cardiovascular diseases. Regular intake of Garlic can boost the nitric oxide levels in the body. Nitric Oxide is helpful in relaxing the blood vessels and consequently relieving blood pressure. Two cloves of this super herb should be taken early in the morning for maximum benefits.

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  • Lowering bad cholesterol – Increased levels of cholesterol in the body can lead to many diseases. Blocked arteries cause an increase in blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases. Garlic is a good source of allicin compound. Allicin reduces the rate at which bad cholesterol (LDL) oxidizes. At the same time, it does not affect the good cholesterol (HDL). It is also for managing high levels of triglycerides.

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  • Lowering weight – Obesity has become an epidemic in many countries. It single-handedly is responsible for various diseases like diabetics, hypertension, strokes, etc. Garlic could be of help for people willing to lose weight. The substances in Garlic prevent the activities of adipogenic tissues. It also enhances thermogenesis and thus helps in reducing body weight.

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  • Diabetics Management – With a gradually changing and unbalanced lifestyle, people from every age group are vulnerable to diabetes or are already diabetic. Eating garlic regularly can help you manage diabetics easily. It decreases the glucose and triglyceride levels in the blood. Additionally, it increases the insulin sensitivity in the body thus the level of sugar in the body is managed to healthy levels. Therefore, it is highly recommended for people at risk of diabetics to consume raw garlic daily.

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  • Anti Cancer Herb – Selenium is known for its anti-cancer properties. The substance stops uncontrolled cell circulation and metastasis. Garlic is a rich source of selenium. Regular consumption of garlic may prevent the risk of cancer.

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  • Anti Inflammatory – Garlic is also beneficial for people suffering from osteoporosis and arthritis. Garlic contains diallyl disulfide, an anti-inflammatory compound. It helps in controlling the effects of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Therefore, if you want relaxation from the pain, inflammation and cartilage damage of arthritis, you must include garlic in your diet.
  • Enhancing libido – As discussed, Garlic is a good source of allicin. The substance lowers the cholesterol levels in the body and improves the blood circulation in all parts of the body including the sexual organs of males and females. Thus, eating garlic can enhance libido for men and women. However, the pungent smell could be a turn off for anyone.

Conclusion – These were some major health benefits of garlic. Apart from these, there are numerous other health benefits of garlic such as stops hair fall, improves liver health, prevents fungal infections, improves skin quality, eases teeth pain, relaxes ear pain, etc.

The best time to eat garlic is in the morning. Two cloves of raw garlic with lukewarm water will enhance the benefits of the herb. It could also be added in the diet as a taste enhancer.

That is all about health benefits of garlic. Check our other blog posts on organic foods for a healthy life.

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