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5 Benefits You Can Enjoy When You Have A Primary Care Physician

Who is a primary care physician? Well, a primary care physician is someone who has profound knowledge of family medicine and internal medicine. He is someone whom you’re likely to contact first when a family member falls sick.

According to the researchers at the journal Health Affairs, patients can manage chronic diseases in a better and cost-effective way when they have a primary care physician. The satisfaction rate is also very high.

Here are the 5 other benefits you can enjoy when you have a primary care physician.

Get comprehensive care:

The primary care physician knows about your health conditions better than anyone else. He has seen you going through everything – from stomach ache to cholesterol control. So when you visit the primary care physician for routine check-ups, you don’t have to disclose your medical history. He knows everything. It becomes easier for him to diagnose illness and provide you comprehensive care.

A primary care physician is equipped to give nonsurgical care to adults, babies, and seniors. Apart from that, he can treat various types of medical issues (diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis) and conduct physical exams. He is equipped to treat various kinds of injuries and infections.

Few primary care physicians are also equipped to do a few minor surgical procedures.

Get medical attention at odd hours:

Your primary care physician is only a call away. If you fall sick even at 2 am, then also you can get prompt medical attention. Once you explain symptoms to the doctor over the phone, he can suggest a few medicines to tackle the health problem temporarily. So, you’re less likely to be caught off guard.

Find the specialist quickly:

If you’re suffering from acute chest pain for a few days, then you need to consult a cardiologist. A primary care physician can help you to get connected to the right doctor quickly.

Can avoid fatal disease:

The primary care physician can help you to avoid chronic diseases easily. During routine check-ups, if the primary care physician finds that your cholesterol level is very high, then he can suggest ways to reduce it to avoid a heart attack. If you’re diabetic, then he can give you medicines to control it.

More comfort and less stress:

When you know the doctor for a long time, visits become less stressful. It becomes easier for you to speak about sensitive issues rather than with a stranger in an unfamiliar place.

How to select a primary care physician

Any good general physician can be your primary care physician. So if you’re new in a place, then your first job should be to find an experienced general physician in your locality. For example, if you have bought an apartment in the Rajarhat area, then you can look for good general physicians in New Town Clinic, Kolkata. Consult them for a few months when you or your family members fall sick. Choose a doctor as your primary care physician who (according to your family members) makes a correct diagnosis and gives the best medical treatment.

How to get maximum benefits from the primary care physician

Too much hurry or worry can prevent you from receiving the care you need from a physician. Here are a few ways

1. Prepare a list of questions: Note down a few questions that you want to ask the primary care physician on a blank paper. Sometimes, we forget to ask the most important questions in a hurry. Later, we regret especially when the doctor is not available due to some unavoidable circumstances. So make sure you ask all sorts of questions to the doctor before he leaves.

2. Explain symptoms clearly: It’s tough for the doctor to choose a mode of treatment without knowing the symptoms properly. If you’re having a pain in your finger, then explain a few things upfront. For instance, is the pain sharp or dull? Do you feel the pain only in the finger or do you feel the pain in your hands too? Is the pain constant or does it occur sometimes?

3. List your medicines: List all the medicines that your family members take every day as prescribed by different doctors. Show it to your primary care physician. Since he knows your health condition very well, so he can tell you which medicines are suitable for you.


The concept of having a primary care provider is often considered as the relic of the past. Nowadays, fewer people are having a primary care provider, which is not good since he is a critical component of healthcare.

The biggest benefit of having a primary care physician is that you can save money and lower your healthcare expenditures. Effective medication management and fewer hospital admissions help you to save money on healthcare. A primary care physician usually charges less than a specialist. Besides, regular monitoring help to improve your health and prolong your life span.

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