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How to Use an Autoclave

The use of autoclave is getting wider and bigger day by day. You might be wondering what is it? This is a pressure chamber which is mainly and specifically used to carry out industrial as well as scientific processes. Furthermore, they are immensely and extremely utilized in medical applications in order to carry out the process of sterilization. Moreover, autoclaves are made to utilize and function in the chemical industry. To cure composites and also in the process of vulcanization of rubber, this same product is used. Now, here you can come to know as to how to use an autoclave, below are the exact details for you:

We are also going to sooner upload the video which is going to illustrate and show you how these autoclaves work! From this upcoming video, you are going to get to know about the common uses of autoclave sterilizers. This video clearly shows how they are availed for sterilizing media and also aseptic techniques right in the microbiology field. They fumigate and decontaminate medical and surgical instruments, dental instruments as well as we orthodontic instruments. For cleaning veterinary supplies and tattoo and body-art equipment and to nail salon nippers, they are generally used. So, do make sure that you check out that video which is coming soon on autoclaves.

Potential dangers and risks while using and operating an autoclave

Most importantly, steam burns and heat burns are one of the potential risks which are associated when it comes to using autoclaves. Even more, other potential risks are hot fluid scalds and injuries to arms. The person may get exposed to some biohazardous material if any kind of biohazardous waste is not packaged in a proper way. Hence, to prevent such kind of injuries, workers need to be given with proper and professional onsite training so that they can use autoclaves safely.

Tips to Use an Autoclave

In addition, workers should always wear heat-insulating gloves, lab coat, and also closed-toe shoes if they are asked to use an autoclave. By taking these precautionary measures, you can easily prevent and avoid burns and scalds. Besides, if you are a beginner and it is your first time to use an autoclave, then make sure that you do get proper training from some experienced person.

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Most certainly, you can safely use such a device is you are going to wear appropriate and suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This mainly and generally includes lab coat, heat resistant gloves and to eye protection goggles.

If you notice that there is water running right out from the autoclave, then avoid opening that autoclave door. You may get hurt if you do so! It is largely because of the clogged steam lines and equipment malfunctioning that scald water gets to build up. Moreover, plugged drains also gives rise to such scalding water buildup situation.

Before you open the door of autoclave, make sure that the pressure reaches zero. And double assure that the temperature range reached or below 121°C. This way, you can conveniently avoid and prevent steam burns as well as shattered glassware.

Basic Operating guide and Instructions to Use an Autoclaves

It is in the chamber that you have to place and put all of the items which need to be autoclaved. Verify and double-check that the drain screen should not be plugged or obstructed.

Most importantly, fill up the reservoir with some deionized water. After that, you can simply close the autoclave door. Set the sterilization time. It varies and differs according to the contents. Those trays which have large in size containers, they need a longer time frame to reach 121°C.

Start to run the autoclave cycle. You can fill out the autoclave log if there is a need to do so. Before you open the door and as soon as the cycle is completed, you need to put on appropriate PPE. Slowly open the door and let the steam to escape in a gradual manner.

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Most noteworthy, you have to allow all the respective items to cool down in the autoclave for about the time frame of ten minutes. Lastly, you can keep on checking the autoclave tape in order to see the colour change. This way, you can know whether the desired time and temperature measures are met or not. If the conditions are not met, then you can re-autoclaved the load for one more time.


So, what’s the bottom line? The usage of autoclaves is quite simple, You just have to be extra careful. As the demand for autoclaves in education, research, and also in industrial settings is getting higher. That is why one should know how to properly use, run and operate them.

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