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The important factor to prevent kidney stones – diet and prevention

According to statistics, 1 in 10 people is suffering from kidney stones. This is a serious problem, if not treated on time this can be an issue. You can have kidney failure. It’s better to get treatment of kidney stones when you have time on your side. There are various methods for the treatment of kidney stones like home remedies but it provides you with only temporary relief. If you want to get rid of kidney stones, then you should go for a laser kidney stone surgery. There would be no cuts or wounds undergoing laser treatment. You can surely prevent kidney stones by a combination of diet. Let’s take a look at the diet and prevention tips for kidney stones.

The important factor to prevent kidney stones

One of the best things you can do to prevent kidney stones is by drinking lots of water every day. This will make you urinate more which will help you to pass kidney stones without any problem. This will also prevent the build-up of calcium oxalate and uric acid. Now, heavy exercise, saunas sounds good but they can also lead to sweating which will lead to loss of water from your body. Loss of water will lead to less production of urine. The more you sweat the less you will urinate which will allow the stone causing minerals to get deposited in your kidneys. Be sure to keep hydrated if you are sweating or doing any heavy exercises. You should drink 10-12 cups of water to produce a good amount of urine from your body. Try to avoid sodas, grapefruit juice.

Diet plan to prevent kidney stones

There is no go-to diet plan for kidney stones which you can follow. Most of the diet recommendations will depend on your kidney stone.

  • Calcium oxalate stones: Oxalate is found naturally in foods that include vegetables, fruits, seeds, tea, and chocolate. There are some foods that have high levels of oxalate which are spinach, peanuts, beets, sweet potatoes. You should limit the intake of these foods if you are suffering from calcium oxalate stones. You should focus more on eating calcium foods like yogurt, milk, ice cream during a meal. By consuming these foods, kidney stones will not form. Here calcium is not the problem, a diet low in calcium will make kidney stones to get formed. You should cut out the sodium in your diet and pair calcium-rich foods with oxalate-rich foods. Consuming extra sodium will make you lose calcium in your urine. If you eat foods high in sodium, this will increase the chances of developing a stone. You can lower your sodium intake by choosing low sodium foods which will help to lower the calcium leakage and will also prevent your blood pressure.
  • Uric acid stones: Shellfish, red meat, and organ meats have high amounts of chemical compounds like purines. Higher purine leads to higher production of uric acid which leads to more acidic urine. To prevent uric acid stones, you should cut down on foods like organ meats, alcoholic beverages, shellfish. Follow a diet plan which has plenty of fruits and vegetables in it. Limit the sugar-sweetened drinks, mainly which have high fructose levels in them. You should limit alcohol because it can increase the uric acid levels in the blood.

What are other ways to prevent kidney stones?

  • Passing a kidney stone is often described as the painful experiences an individual will experience. Take some action to prevent kidney stones. Without the right diet and medications, kidney stones can come back. If kidney stones are coming back, then there might be another problem including kidney stones.
  • It’s important to make some diet changes to prevent kidney stones. As you are suffering from kidney stones and it might seem easy to just take a pill to overcome kidney stones but it’s more than that. You will have to make some changes in your diet. You can include lemonade in your diet, as citrate can offer stone preventing benefits. You should beware of the sugar as it can increase kidney stone risk, consume sugar-free lemonade which will have a better effect on your body.

Diet recommendations for kidney stones

  • Drink lots of fluids: This includes any type of fluid except grape juice and sodas which can be harmful. By drinking water, this will help to produce less concentrated urine and this will ensure a good urine production.
  • Limit the foods that high oxalate content: Spinach, chocolate, nuts, tea should be avoided from your diet.
  • Avoid extra calcium supplements: Calcium supplements should be advised by your doctor. You should not take calcium supplements on your own.
  • Avoid high intake of salt: High sodium intake will increase the calcium in your urine which increases the chances of kidney stones. A diet low in sodium will result in controlling the blood pressure.
  • Avoid high doses of vitamin C supplements: It’s recommended by doctors to take 60mg/day of vitamin C. Excess amounts of vitamin C supplement will result in the formation of oxalate stones.

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If you will this diet and steps for the prevention of kidney stones, then kidney stones will go. If not then you have the surgery to remove the kidney stones.

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