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Know everything about Endoscopic Spine Surgery

What is Endoscopic Spine Surgery in India?

Endoscopic Spine Surgery in India is a procedure in which your spine surgeon will use the specialized video cameras and instruments which they passed through small incisions that have been made up of less than 2 cm into your chest, abdominal or joint cavities. Endoscopic Spine Surgery is a procedure through which your spine surgeon will able to treat the number of back or spinal injuries and they make sure that they would be only little damage to the tissues surrounding the area as possible. Endoscopic surgery is one of the best spine surgeries as it results in lesser blood loss and lowers rates of complication. As this is a spinal procedure which only requires small incisions which is less than 2cm and hence there is less scarring.

What’s the purpose to perform Endoscopic Spine Surgery in India?

Your spine surgeon will perform endoscopic spine surgery in India which helps in reducing spine trauma, prevents iatrogenic problems and also preserves your spinal segmental motion and stability. The benefit of performing endoscopic spine surgery instead of open surgery is that endoscopic spine surgery requires only small incisions and less tissue trauma, minimal blood loss, less postoperative pain and earlier return to normal work routine. Generally, the spine surgeons at the hospitals under Spine Surgery India will perform Endoscopic spine surgery as a successful surgery to treat lumbar and cervical disc herniation. According to the study, it is better to perform an operational endoscope surgery when traditional spine treatment fails to provide positive post-surgery results.

What are the procedures to perform Endoscopic Spine Surgery in India?

The following are some of the most common procedures to perform Endoscopic Spine Surgery in India and these are:

a)     Endoscopic Cervical Discectomy: Endoscopic cervical discectomy is a minimally invasive spine surgery that is generally performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia so that you can remain awake. This is a procedure in which your spine surgeon will insert a specially designed endoscope which is a small tube attached with a camera, into your neck where the spinal condition or disc problem is located such as an annular tear, bulging disc, or herniated disc. Your surgeon by using laser will treat the portion of the disc which is compressing your nerve, if the bulge or tear is small, or they can remove it by making a small incision using an endoscopic tube which is mainly designed for this purpose. Once your surgeon removed your damaged portion of the disc then a laser vaporizes the surrounding problem area and will then shrinks the remaining disc. It has been found that most of the patients get immediate relief after having an endoscopic discectomy surgery.

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b)     Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy: This is also known as a Micro endoscopic discectomy which is a minimally invasive surgery in which your spine surgeon will remove the herniated disc material. A herniated disc occurs when one of your discs which separate and cushion the vertebrae of the spine and it is not in the lumbar region, bulges or rips. Your surgeon will perform this procedure under local anesthesia. After that, your spine surgeon will make a long incision around half an inch to one inch in your back at the site of the slipped disc and they will insert a wire through that incision to your spine. They use dilators to push into your back long with wire to stretch your muscles, instead of cutting the muscles. They will implant a retractor which helps in holding the muscles which are open for the procedure. Your surgeon will insert instruments through the hollow tube so that they can make a small opening through the muscle and bone to access the disc. Your surgeon will then remove the disc fragments and the intact part of the disc is left to heal on its own. After the procedure is completed your surgeon will dressed the incision with antibiotics and it may require one or two stitches.

c)      Cervical Endoscopic Foraminotomy: This is a procedure that helps to provide relief in spinal nerve root compression by creating more space for the nerve root to pass through the foramen. The cervical foraminotomy is a procedure that is used to remove the portion of the offending disc. This is a minimally invasive procedure in which your spine surgeon will make a small incision and no fusion of the spine is required. This procedure is generally performed in the back of the neck and will be performed under general anesthesia. Your spine surgeon will make a small 1 to 2-inch skin incision and with the help of magnification, they will dissect the soft tissue away on the side of the compression. In cases, compression occurs because of disc material then the nerve root is gently lifted and the disc material is removed.

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d)     Endoscopic Lumbar Foraminotomy: This is also a minimally invasive procedure in which no general anesthetic required and it can be performed in an outpatient surgical setting. Your spine surgeon will make a small incision to access your back and a local anesthetic is administered. Your spine surgeon will insert a tube into the incision with a series of larger tubes being placed over it. Your surgeon will use surgical instruments such as laser, camera, suction, irrigation, etc. This is a procedure that pushes your muscles and tissues instead of cutting them. The inserted tube is secured your surgeon will remove the portion of problematic bone or tissue. After the surgeon freed the nerve, they will slowly remove the tube and allow your muscles to move back into their correct position. After that, they will close the incision with one to two stitches.

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Cost in India

The Endoscopic Spine Surgery Cost in India is very reasonable which is around USD 7,500 and this is quite a significant cost as compared to the cost offered in the western countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Russia, etc. where the cost for the same procedure is around USD 30,000. This is the reason that people in larger numbers travel India for their spinal treatments.

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