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5 Body Skin Parts That May Turn Dark and the Reasons They Do

5 Body Skin Parts That May Turn Dark and the Reasons They Do

The skin is the largest human body organ. It works essentially and distinctly from others as it functions as a protective covering of the body in general. It’s hard and hurtful to imagine yourself without your skin and its huge help, so it is important that you take care of it the best way possible.

Many different problems are experienced by the skin is the shield of the body against external and environmental factors. One of these is the negative changes in its pigmentation. The skin can turn into a different color or tone based on what it gets in contact with and what affects it.

Unfortunately, there are several body parts that can turn dark, and you know how it can affect one’s self-esteem and confidence. You buy and apply expensive skin treatment products to lighten them and to get them back to their original color, but sometimes, they just don’t work. You really have to be wiser and more careful because sometimes, your habits and even the products you often use cause the darkening.

To talk more about those skin areas that typically get dark, below is a list together with the reasons they do so!


If there’s one body part that most people will undeniably agree that it’s usually the one that gets dark, it’s the underarm–the pair of underarms or armpits! A lot of people, especially girls, are worried about lifting their arms up when they are wearing sleeveless clothes. For those who really don’t have the guts to show their underarms, they simply choose not to wear such garments.

Although some people and some countries do not really consider this as a big deal, it’s bothersome for others because it brings their confidence down. The way their armpits appear darker than the rest of their skin makes them feel like it can easily catch attention and judgment from the people around them. Especially in countries where, specifically, set body images and standards in beauty evidently exist, this one’s a difficult situation experienced by many.

What are some of the causes? One, it could be the products you apply to your skin. Commercials of deodorants, armpit sprays, and whitening creams are so catchy that you’d actually believe that what the advertisement says is what will happen to your armpits in no time. Disappointment comes after seeing that instead of getting softer, smoother and lighter versions of them, you get darker and irritated armpit skin. The harmful and harsh chemicals contained in those products enable that to occur. Alcohol content can lead the armpits to dry out and cause friction, leading them to darken.

Two, it could be because of your manner of cleaning or grooming them. If you are too rough, forceful and hard when it comes to rubbing or washing your armpits, the skin can become thick and dark eventually. Constant shaving isn’t good too. And three, the production of insulin in the body could also present a problem. A disorder in the glands is the same. These are usually experienced by people with obesity.


Not everyone but some people have dark elbows. It can be very annoying because unlike the armpits, elbows cannot be always hidden. It is not all the time that you are wearing and that you can wear sweaters, jackets, blazers or clothes with long sleeves. Shirts are the most common and safest tops everyone wears, but they do not cover your elbows!

What are some of the causes? One, when your skin is very much exposed to the sun, it can experience hyperpigmentation. Two, exposure to dirt is sadly a cause; that means dark elbow is not just hurtful to the eyes but is also full of dirt! Germs and dirt get in when you get lazy and when you choose to skip cleaning the hard-to-reach skin areas. And three, skin issues such as eczema (skin asthma), psoriasis and melasma can also be the reason for dark elbows.


Dark circles under the eyes and dark eye bags are among many people’s problems with their skin. With those eye areas, you could look pale, sick, haggard and really stressed out even if you are fine.

You might think that they are just results of staying up late at night or having little hours of sleep, however, the truth is that there’s much more to it than just lack of proper rest and sleep.

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What are some of the causes? One, getting exposed under the sun for long hours without protection can discolor your skin. It’s because of the overproduction of melanin, the color-providing pigment of the skin. Two, it could be inherited; this means it’s not an unusual thing in the family. Three, lack of hydration reflects on your skin too, especially on your face. And four, allergic reactions also include dark under eyes; histamines can lead to more visibility of blood vessels around your eyes.  


You might not be aware, but the skin on your lips is also considered body skin areas that may get dark. Some discolored lips are blue, white and even spotted ones, but one of the common and alarming colors is black!

Hydrated and healthy lips appear pink, plump and soft. What are some of the causes of dark lips? One, the most usual cause is cigarette smoking. Two, injuries that lead to a bruise darken the lips. If your lips are cracked and badly damaged, they can turn dark as well. And three, these can also indicate diseases such as hormonal problems and the Addison’s disease, wherein the adrenal gland’s production of cortisol becomes insufficient.


Just like the elbows, knees are joints that are susceptible to skin darkening. The more bearable thing about this is that if you usually wear pants or long skirts and dresses, then, you have a way to conceal them.

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What are some of the causes of dark knees? One is frequent and forceful rubbing; friction really does have an immense part in leading these joints to get blackened. Kneeling, especially on rough and hard surfaces, can lead to this. Two, birth control pills can also cause skin hyperpigmentation in women. Three, vigorous friction also brings about the skin’s moisture removal. And four, injuries that also affect knees, especially those that result in inflammation, can cause darkening.


The skin acts as a shield, but it is also very sensitive. Sometimes, you have the tendency to abuse it and not take care of it the way it should be treated. What you do, where you go, what you eat and wear and how you live are just some of the things that have an effect on your skin.

The buildup of dead skin cells is a cause common for the body parts because the skin renews daily, thus, old skin is replaced. While that’s part of a natural process, if you’re also not cautious and concerned about your skin’s health depending on your own actions and preferences, then you can get skin areas darkened like how you don’t want them to be!

While some people believe that dark skin areas are not to be stressed out about, you might just not be one of them. Of course, you should love and appreciate your skin whatever flaws you have, but nobody can hide the fact that initially, these dark portions can pull your self-confidence down. That’s why taking care of your skin should also not be ignored.

Again, keep in mind that although dark skin areas may not be making noise, they can be signs of health issues too. They are not just indications of hygiene awareness and confidence boost, but also of important health conditions that you must know and do something about.

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From the above-mentioned points, certainly, you have been reminded and you have realized that these Body Skin Parts are really prone to darkening. You have also been informed or, again, reminded that you are the one responsible for whatever changes and problems your skin experiences, be it with texture, moisture, pigmentation and many more.

Remembering and understanding the causes of the skin’s darkening is vital, so you would know better how to tend and love it the right way!


Through informative write-ups, Nicole Ann Pore shares how significant it is to give high regard to the skin, not only for its beauty but most especially, for its health. She is a daytime writer for Geniale Skin Cancer Clinic, a cosmetic surgical and aesthetic center in Australia that gives only brilliant experiences and results to its clients. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University-Manila, the Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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