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Weight Loss Bariatric Surgery – Side Effects and Overcome Solutions

Overall the incidence of complications is low as the patients are well prepared before Bariatric Surgery. Diabetes, Hypertension is well controlled with medication; Sleep apnea is treated with CPAP, etc

It is important that the patient is treated by the well Qualified and Experienced Bariatric surgery team of Surgeons, Physicians, Endocrinologists, Pulmonologist, dieticians, Physiotherapists, and Nursing staff so as to avoid the complications or side effects.

Thorough investigations of the patient are necessary before the surgery as many times few diseases which are not evident like Hyperuricemia, Prediabetes or diabetes, etc. are diagnosed in these checkups, if diagnosed they are well controlled before surgery.

There can be some side effects of the surgery in the immediate postoperative period like acute postoperative leaks from the staple line or bleeding where the combined incidence is less than 3 percent.

A leak can be treated with stenting, glue, surgery, and bleeding can be treated with blood products or surgery.

There can be some other side effects of Bariatric surgery such as skin laxity, hair loss, nutritional deficiencies, weight regain but persons who follow the advice of the Surgeon and team have minimal side effects. Side effects of bariatric surgery are minimal to the health risk which is associated with Obesity. One should choose this surgery with complete knowledge.

Side effects of Weight loss Bariatric Surgery

Skin laxity

Persons who have an abundance of central Obesity or too much abdominal fat may have this. This could be avoided by taking supplements regularly, getting toned by appropriate exercises, steam, etc.

Some patients who are cosmesis conscious may get it treated with body contouring once they lose their excess weight.

Nutritional deficiencies

If the patient takes the supplements as prescribed he may not develop deficiencies. Also, a regular follow-up with the treating doctor and dietician is important to avoid these deficiencies.

Weight Regain

Lifestyle modification, healthy diet, and exercise are integral aspects of any post-Bariatric Surgery program. Those who consume excess sweets or do not follow the post-surgical advice may have weight regain, although the incidence is less.

How is the Safety Of Bariatric Surgery Ensured and how are the side effects minimized? 

We Ensure Safety and Success Of Bariatric Surgery by preparing the patient meticulously prior to surgery, with a highly controlled and modified diet. For ensuring safety In Obesity Surgery in Diabetics and those with other co-morbidities, we ensure that their co-morbid conditions are under tight control before we embark on surgery. For this, the patient not only needs effective medication but also a good deal of psychological counseling for motivation, which our counselors provide. A specially trained Bariatric Anaesthesia team is How Safety of Bariatric Surgery is ensured.

This team is responsible for making the patient fit for surgery, keeping him safe during and after surgery. A well-equipped hospital, where obesity surgery is performed on a regular basis, is the best answer to the question. A Trained team with experience and expertise is necessary for Ensuring Safety In Obesity Surgery In Diabetics and similar other co-morbid patients.

How is the Safety of Bariatric Surgery Ensured post-operatively?

All necessary instructions and personal contact numbers of team members are provided to contact in case patients notice any abnormality.

Patient education about the details of procedure and dos and don’t is well explained.

Role of team members and requirements to reduce the side effects of Bariatric Surgery

The lead surgeon must be experienced and suitably qualified, the anesthesia team must have special training and experience in performing different types of surgical procedures for weight loss, the rest of the support team must be equally well trained and experienced for Laparoscopic Bariatric procedures, the institute should be well equipped with specific Obesity surgery equipment and, last but not the least, there should be a support group in place to keep motivating the patient to comply with the requirements post-surgery.

At Precise Clinic Pune having Team of Qualified experts, lead by Dr. Kedar Patil one can expect to have the best outcomes with minimal side effects of Bariatric Surgery.

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