5 Innovative ideas for hosting a virtual festival on Virtex

Diwali is one of the most eagerly awaited festivals in India. The joy of celebrating the Diwali festival with your loved ones is unparalleled. The get-together of families and friends for the Diwali festival celebration evokes a different kind of joy. There are happy vibes, smiles all around, tasty food, and music to enjoy with everything lit up with attractive lighting. But the pandemic has called for celebration from home to make sure everyone’s safe. With more than a year spent working from home, we will make sure that you will not miss the annual Diwali celebration. We have some ideas for you to celebrate your Diwali virtually to bring back the joy and fill your festival with the Deepawali aura. Virtex offers the most secure, scalable, and customized virtual event platform that is backed by the power of data and analytics.

Online Invites  and virtual event 

Design a creative digital invitation for your virtual Diwali party. Make sure to include all the details of your event, like the time of the event, the virtual platform. Decorate the invitation with the party theme along with diyas and crackers to give it a touch of Diwali vibes. Send everyone a reminder about 30 minutes before the party. It’s a good idea, especially if you have a family who isn’t tech-savvy. Send the link and password to everyone so they can get everything set up. Appoint a tech captain and host for the party that will handle all the event activities and help eliminate obstacles during the event. Plus, the extra half-hour allows individuals to contact the tech captain for assistance with any difficulties they may be having.

Fun Games

Diwali is all about spreading pleasure and joy. Ask all of the participants to solve some festive riddles in this exercise called Happiness Hunt, and it’s a stimulating energizer activity that all families and friends may engage in. Some Diwali items/objects that you can discover in your home are the answers to these puzzles. Participants must bring these things and display them on the screen to gain points. Sounds like a fun game, right? Drawing? Animals? Things? Guessing? Paper? Except for the paper, rubber, and other sketching supplies, you’re correct! All you have to do is channel your inner Picasso or Majnu Bhai and draw away. Play the online Pictionary game and have a good time. To win this challenge, bring out your inner artist at work and guess what others have drawn.

Ethnic fashion show

Diwali without dressing up in your best traditional attire is like a lock missing its key. So get decked up, glam up yourself, and attend the virtual celebration. Hold a fashion show and organize awards with names like pataka awards for the best-dressed people with categories like best-dressed male/female, best-dressed couple, best pose, and even best-dressed family. Shoot a video of yourself, whether it’s a boomerang, Instagram Reels, or a behind-the-scenes look. Encourage all family members and friends to take photographs and edit them into a movie using any mobile video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Clips, Kinemaster, or Adobe Rush, then play it on during the party.

Dance and Musical night

Entertainment is a must-have feature in any festival party, without which the celebration is a snoozefest. Organize a karaoke or antakshari activity to bring out the best songs to light up the event. Get together with your family for a fun night of singing the most popular songs of our generation – together. Hire a musical band and enjoy their music. What good is a party if there isn’t any dancing? Host a live dance party with upbeat Bollywood DJ tracks. Follow the lead dancer or make up your dancing movements; the point is to have as much fun as possible.

Sustainable Activity

Distributing gifts and sweets to orphanages or old homes will brighten up their Diwali celebrations. Spend some time maintaining social distance and having fun by organizing some activities for them, and you can even do it virtually on virtual event platforms. Donating will help contribute to the education of kids. Ensure a safe cracker-free Diwali by celebrating it virtually. Promote sustainable ideas to make your Diwali celebration more auspicious by vowing together to reduce, renew, and recycle things. This will put a smile on your face as well as lots of faces. 

We hope the ideas we shared will help you host a perfect Diwali virtual party with the integration of technology and a bit of positivity and engagement loaded. Keep the party time to 1-2 hours. The shorter it will be, the more fun you all will have. Play online cards like poker, cook together, sing, and dance, the point is not to let people forget to enjoy. We sincerely wish that your festival celebration is safe, merry, and joyous. Do not forget that when things get back to normal, the festival celebrations will be the loudest, until then, stay safe!

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