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What is the Effective use of Garlic for weight loss

Garlic has been used as the most important flavoring agent in dishes all over the world for thousands of years. But not many people are aware of the health benefits of Garlic including the effective use of Garlic for weight loss. Let us discuss some facts about the benefits of Garlic for a healthy body.

Garlic as a condiment – Garlic belongs to the family of onions, shallot, leek, and chive. It is believed that Garlic is native to Central Asia and northeastern Iran. Now it has been used in making cuisines for several thousand years now. The pungent smell and sharp taste of the wonderful food make even the simplest dish delicious. The root of the plant is called a bulb and each bulb is made up of cloves. Usually, these gloves are used in preparing the cuisine. The green leaves of the plant are also usable.

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Garlic as a medicine – Apart from the simple use of Garlic in the kitchen as a tastemaker agent, do you know that it has been traditionally used for the treatment of various diseases? Using Garlic regularly is helpful in preventing several medical conditions as well. Here is a short list of conditions that are treated by consumption of Garlic:

  • Hair Loss
  • Diabetics Management
  • Maintaining Blood Pressure
  • Cure infection
  • Increase libido
  • Improve immunity

How To Use Raw Garlic To Lose Weight

Obesity is one problem that is spreading like an epidemic in the world. Due to irregular lifestyles and poor food choices, people from each age group are gaining weight and therefore engulfed in diseases. Weight Losing has become a multimillion dollars industry now. But most of the time, people are not satisfied with the results.

So the question arises that is there any natural way to lose weight? A way that can help us remain in shape and healthy at the same time. The answer lies in the wonder cloves of Garlic.

8 Amazing Health Benefit Of Garlic

It is a fact that Garlic is rich in Vitamins and Minerals necessary for maintaining a healthy body. Vitamin B6, Fiber, Magnesium, Calcium, Protein, and Vitamin C reduce cholesterol and save us from heart diseases.

How does Garlic help in weight loss?

  1. Garlic flushes out toxins from your body which may be hindering your weight loss desire thus, making your body healthier.
  2. The superfood increases the metabolism of the body and it helps in reducing weight quickly.
  3. The compounds found in Garlic stimulate the fat burning process. You will fit in those old jeans soon by consuming garlic regularly.
  4. Garlic keeps your stomach full for a longer duration thus you are saved from overeating. It also provides necessary calories and energy to the body.

Effective ways to use Garlic for weight loss:

Consuming Garlic once or twice a week will not assist in the Effective use of Garlic. Rather you must include Garlic in your daily diet. It is proved that raw garlic is much healthier than cooked one. Regular garlic intake mixed with a healthy diet and proper exercise will help you shed those extra pounds sooner than any other way.

  1. It is best to consume raw garlic empty stomach daily. Crush two garlic cloves and eat them with lukewarm water every day for maximum benefits. But for some people, it may be difficult to eat garlic due to its sharp taste and smell.
  2. Adding a glass of lemon water with raw garlic cloves in the mornings will improve metabolism and help in decreasing body fat effectively. It also keeps the stomach healthy.
  3. Some people add a tablespoon of honey with crushed garlic cloves. It not only decreases the smell and taste of garlic but adds on the health benefits too. The anti-inflammatory properties of the two will be helpful in reducing any kind of body pain and cold. At the same time, it will assist in losing bodyweight.

While there are many health benefits of using garlic you must avoid overheating it. Also, you must consult your health provider before starting to add garlic to your daily diet.

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