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Advantages and Disadvantages of Scalp Micropigmentation

Improving your hair density requires an effective hair restoration technique that gives desired results. Before settling for any of the available hair treatments, you must first understand their benefits and setbacks. This post will look at the advantages and disadvantages of getting scalp micropigmentation done to improve your hair thickness. Read on for more information. 

If you contemplate treating your hair with SMP, understanding what to expect after the procedure will help you decide whether it is the best procedure for you. Many people have gone through this procedure and have good things to say about it. A few have also come up complaining that the results of SMP are not what they were expecting. 

SMP Proponents and Constraints 

Scalp Micropigmentation is a procedure that has been there for a while now, and many people have been going for it to improve their hair density due to hair loss and thinning hair. Other names of the SMP procedure are hair tattoos or hairline tattoos. When done by a trained with the right instruments, SMP will give positive results. If the practitioner has no experience, you may end up with botched procedures or other side effects.

Unlike other hair restoration procedures that treat hair loss by helping you grow hair where it is not growing, scalp micro-pigmentation doesn’t grow hair. Instead, it creates an illusion of fuller or dense hair. It is usually used to fill in receding hairlines and make bald patches look like they are growing hair. 

We have looked at several studies that have shown several results after SMP was done. We have also looked at several testimonials, which led us to write about the advantages and disadvantages of scalp micropigmentation. Continue reading to know if it is the kind of procedure you have been looking for, or you will pass. 

Advantages of Scalp Micropigmentation 

One of the major benefits of having a scalp micropigmentation procedure is that it creates an illusion of thick hair, a perfect disguise for those who want to hide thinning hair. It also offers a permanent solution: you don’t need to make endless trips to the doctor for touch-ups. It can work for those with long or short hair. For example, if you are shaved or completely bald, an SMP procedure creates a more natural stubble look regardless of how advanced your hair loss is. 

A scalp micropigmentation procedure aims to create symmetrical follicles that lead to a realistic hairline across the scalp. This will make it look like a shaved head. If you want to avoid a bare top on your scalp because you are completely bald, SMP, some form of tattoo, will provide a comfortable base. SMP also works very well for men who like wearing hairpieces. Underneath the hairpiece, an SMP tattoo will provide a more realistic hair follicle that will enhance the look of a taper fade haircut or an undercut. 

Bald Spots and Thickens Hair  

In most men, hair thinning starts in their late twenties or early thirties, and as they age, hair loss becomes rampant all over the scalp. Another benefit of having the SMP procedure is that it darkens the scalp and hides the bald patches by adding thickness underneath the hair. The SMP procedure works well for both men and women who want to reduce the signs of thinning hairlines and hide bald spots.

Recreates The Hairline

If you want to get your hairline back, a full SMP tattoo is not necessary. In such an instance, the practitioner draws your natural mature hairline based on your desired look. After that, he will start filling it with hairline tattoos. The cost of having these tattoos is much less because they only cover the area around the forehead and the temple. 

Invasive Surgery is not necessary. 

If you hate cuts for the sake of beauty, you are not alone. Many people don’t like Surgery when trying to make themselves beautiful. So if you are wondering if the SMP procedure requires Surgery, the answer is no. The practitioner only uses a special kind of tattoo device that injects pigments into the skin. It is more powerful than the normal tattoo needle because it needs to penetrate the scalp, which is tough. Once the SMP procedure is done, you don’t need downtime or recovery time. 

Cheaper Than a Hair Transplant

Compared to having a hair transplant procedure, the SMP procedure is quite affordable. It is usually done based on the number of follicles needed. If you decide to get a partial hairline tattoo, you will likely spend around $500 and $1800 as a scalp micropigmentation cost. The cost of SMP is also determined by the location where you want to perform the procedure. To get a full scalp micropigmentation procedure, it will cost you between $8,000 and $20,000 for a full hair transplant! That is pretty expensive for a hair restoration procedure. 

Hide Transplant Scars

When you use the FUT hair transplant procedure, it leaves a linear scar when you fully recover. Another great benefit of having the scalp micropigmentation procedure is that it helps to hide scars after a hair transplant procedure. This helps to make the results of a hair transplant procedure even more natural.

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Disadvantages of Scalp Micropigmentation 

Multiple Treatments are Needed 

If you are going for a partial SMP procedure to cover a receding hairline, you may only require a single treatment. A full scalp micropigmentation procedure may require two to three treatment sessions. This may increase the cost of the procedure if the practitioner charges according to sessions or treatment. This may delay the final results, which will be seen after several weeks. 

Permanent Pigments in Your Scalp

The scalp micropigmentation procedure is permanent. Even though it takes less time to heal and brings out a fuller hair look of a shaved head, making it permanent may not be such a great idea. It is also an ideal choice if you are older and you want to get a hair tattoo. The ink used in scalp-micropigmentation stays beneath the skin even after eight years when it begins to feed. 

May Turn Purple or Blue

Some practitioners are not professionals and may end up using cheaper pigments. They may not give the desired outcome of natural color. Low-quality pigments may create stubble that is either discolored or too dark. The worst results that an SMP procedure can produce are purple or blue. Some practitioners may use regular tattoo ink instead of high-quality, natural charcoal gray pigments. These types of pigment produce more natural results. If you want to know whether a bad tattoo was used, it will look artificial blue or too dark, which means it wasn’t natural. 

Practitioner’s Experience Determine the Outcome  

You may end up with an undesired after the scalp micropigmentation procedure if you seek services from a practitioner with little or no experience. we should also look for a reputable clinic if we want to avoid bad results. You may also end up with a botched scalp micropigmentation when the practitioner doesn’t use sterilized needles or when a practitioner doesn’t inject the pigment properly because he doesn’t have enough skills. This will lead to weird pigment patches and other complications. 

Fake-Looking Dark Pigments

Before settling for any clinic to get scalp micropigmentation treatment, look at its before and after photos. You should also ask about the color and the quality of the pigment. Don’t accept if they are not using the right pigments and color for the scalp micropigmentation treatment. Regular tattoo ink will lead to bad results that look strange, unattractive, and unnatural. A good color pigment should match your skin type. 

If you have light hair, a dark stubble appearance won’t work well on you. Light hair matches with charcoal color, light gray, or dark gray. This will not look bad eight years when the tattoo starts to fade. 

Does Not Have the “Stubble” Feel

Even though you want to create a shaved head look, it is hard to have that stubble feel. It is easier to tell a fake tattoo when you take a close look at it. A fake tattoo is quite visible, especially on a shiny scalp. 

Moderate Discomfort

You will spend much of the time sitting for long hours, especially if the practitioner is doing multiple treatments. This will cause a little discomfort. 


As we’ve explained, the slot goes into getting the best results when performing the scalp micropigmentation procedure. The benefits of this cutting-edge hair restoration procedure supersede the setbacks. Therefore, if you want to get the best results, always look for a skilled practitioner who uses sterilized needles and suitable scalp micropigmentation ink and color. 

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