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How do I know if my baby is having a sleep regression?

This article will help you in getting over your baby’s Sleep Regression Ages. We will discuss sleep regression ages and everything you need to know to tackle it. It is normal for every baby to undergo a regression period. So if your baby has started to stay up at night or his patterns have changed, no need to worry. The most common ones are 4 or 8-month sleep regression.

Sleep regression

The growth of babies causes many changes them and one such effect of these changes is sleep regression. You can define it in simple words as a certain change in sleeping patterns. Your baby will wake up during nights and won’t sleep any sooner. They will make a fuss and it becomes difficult to calm them.

The Sleep Regression Ages can last from around 2 to some 6 weeks. Major signs of regression include lack of sleep, short naps, fussy behaviour, etc.


The time of occurrence can vary but most of the time it happens during 4th, 8th, 9th or 18th months. New parents often find it hard to face the period as they are not well-aware of what to do.

As every baby has his/her own regression age, the symptoms also vary. Some babies turn clingy or their hunger can rise. As they grow and learn new things, they get tired and need more energy. This also put an impact on their behaviours.

4th month

This sleep regression faced by almost all babies. This is the 1st one to occur between 8 weeks to 5 months old baby. The reason is simple, your baby’s sleep cycle undergoes permanent changes.

8th month

Next regression comes at 8th month. It can vary between 8 to 10 months old baby. The reason here is that the brain undergoes major development cycles. You baby get tired and irritated as he now has focused on almost everything around. They are now learning how to sit, crawl or pull up.

18th month

The last one occurs when your baby reaches 17 to 18 months. At this point, they have learned so many things and they tend to have some independence. They are also growing teeth so that too causes a sense or irritation leading to regression.

12th month

The sleep regression least common is 12 months regression. It only occurs is a few babies and is not very common. This one is much like the 18-month regression. At this stage, your baby may turn to 1 nap per day.

Reasons for sleep regression

The reason behind these regressions depends on your baby’s age. When the first change occurs it is due to change in the sleep cycle. Now, it may not be quite obvious but they fall from light to deep slumbers.

Next one is when their mind and body starts learning new things. They are eager to crawl or pull up or sit up. They try to grab on things around. These efforts need some real energy and their bodies get tired. This leads to irregular sleeping patterns, shorter naps and being hungry.

How to survive?

This time is not only hard for the little ones but the parents as well. At some point, you might feel like losing all your patience but take a deep breath and stay calm. Your baby needs you the most at the moment. Follow up these tips to survive the tough time.

  • Keep your routine matched with that of your baby’s
  • Be flexible and don’t lose patience on tiny things. Give them more time and attention
  • Be there for them all the time as they depend on you only.
  • Don’t feel shy or awkward to ask for help from others. If you are in your best health only then you can cope up the situation.


It is okay if your baby is giving you a tough time. You only need to follow up the survival tips and keep an eye on their behaviour. Only then you can predict the regression beforehand. Apart from that if you still feel confused then feel free to contact us.

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